About us

Angela Patrick & Ryan Smith, Co-Directors

Ryan Smith, originally from Portland, began doing Bikram Yoga in 20013.  The benefits were immediately evident and he is an avid  proponent of the Bikram Yoga system.  He has been directing the studio along with Angela since 2014.  He is passionate about making a difference in our community and loves coaching baseball. Talk to Ryan about how we can partner with you and your sports team.



Our studios are locally owned by Angela Patrick, a long time yoga practitioner and Idaho native. Angela has owned the West Linn studio since 2012 and founded the Happy Valley ang pic (2)studio in 2014. She is passionate about sharing the benefits of the system of yoga brought to the United States by Bikram Choudhury. Our studios are rooted in the community and privately owned.

Angela Patrick has practiced Bikram yoga since 2006 and has taught since the spring of 2009. In 2003, she fractured her spine while training her horse. In the three years before she found Bikram yoga she experienced a lot of pain left over from her injury. She tried all sorts of pain relief methods, none of which worked until she found Bikram yoga.

“It has saved my life both physically and mentally. Yoga continues to challenge me and I am always learning. I am able to do things I never would have thought possible.  It really is never too late nor are you too young, old or sick to start over and begin again. I have seen many breakthroughs as a teacher and am grateful for the opportunity to guide students through their practice.”