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Jake Liebman graduated from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration located in Boulder, Colorado in March 2015. During the breaks in his schooling, he was able to start his Rolfing practice in both Portland Oregon, and the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Jake has had the opportunity to work on high level college, high school, and other competitive athletes. He also has worked on individuals of all ages with many different ailments, injuries, and medical diagnoses. Jake has recently completed a successful internship with body workers who work exclusively with athletes and performance.

Before Rolfing became prominent in Jake’s life, he attended Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, New York where he was able to double major with a Bachelors degree of Science in Nursing and Psychology. While attending nursing school in New York, Jacob was able to play basketball on Scholarship for four years. After college he was fortunate enough to play basketball professionally in England for a season before chronic pain and injuries derailed his career.

​After almost two decades of playing basketball year round, Jake sustained multiple injuries which led to chronic ankle, hip, lower back, and neck pain.  Having tried multiple therapies and treatments for pain with mediocre results, Jake decided to give Rolfing a try when he stumbled across it at a local yoga studio in Portland.  Rolfing was able to rid Jake of his pain and movement restrictions as well as giving him the lasting results in which he was looking for.

​More recently, Jake has worked across the country as a registered nurse for over five years. His last nursing job was at the Honolulu Veterans Affairs Health Center where he treated and cared for veterans from a wide range of era’s with multiple physical, mental, and emotional ailments. After his own experiences with Rolfing and finding a significant amount of scientific research to support it, he believes that Rolfing Structural Integration can have a profound effect on physical, mental, and emotional ailments that people of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from.

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