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Holley has been a licensed massage therapist in the State of Oregon for 11 years.  She is State-Licensed (License #10890), and an Active Professional Member of the AMTA (American Massage Association), where she also served as an official state delegate in 2009.  Holley attended Oregon State University and then East West School of the Healing Arts for her massage therapy schooling.  Since that time she has continued with study in Sports Performance/Enhancement Related Massage and Bodywork, including time at two Olympic Training Centers.  She is CKTP (Certified Kinesiotape Practitioner) with a Sports Specific K3 Certification.  She continues her passion for knowledge in her field by seeking out the highest levels of continuing education and training in her profession.

Holley update

During her first 4 years of practice Holley enjoyed working in a Multi-faceted Health and Wellness Rehabilitation Center.  During those years she gained extensive knowledge in working with trauma/accident related injuries and scar tissue remodeling.  In the past 7 years Holley has worked specifically in Sports Performance.  This includes 3 years at a Sports-Specific Injury/Rehabilitation Clinic, 2 years with the Nike Oregon Project.  Holley began working with athlete medical/support teams ranging from the Oregon Fencing Alliance, the Fiesta Bowl, Road to Eugene and the Dew Tour to a LPGA meet.  She also spent time working with PSU’s Athletic Department covering all sports.  In 2008 Holley applied to the United States Olympic Committee and in the spring of 2009 completed her USOC Rotation at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA.  Since 2008 a majority of Holley’s sports-related work has been in her work with USATF and Track and Field.  Some of Holley’s work has been on the medical teams for the following events:

*2013-2014      Nike Prefontaine Classic LMT (Eugene, OR)
*2013                Nike LMT for T&F World Championships (Moscow, Russia)
*2013                Nike LMT for T&F National Championships (Des Moines, IA)
*2011-2012      LMT for Nike Oregon Project (Beaverton, OR)
*2012                United States Olympic Medical Team Member (London, England)
*2012                OC Medical Committee Member USATF Olympic Trials Eugene, OR)
*2011                USATF Pan American Medical Team Member (Guadalajara, Mexico)
*2011                USATF World Championships Medical Team Member (Daegu, S.Korea)
*2011                Co-Captain Medical Team USATF National Championships (Eugene, OR)
*2011                USATF Millrose Meet LMT (New York City, NY)
*2010                USATF Continental Cup Medical Team Member (Split, Croatia)
*2009                USATF World Youth Championships Medical Team Member (Bressanone, Italy)
*2008-2012      Prefontaine Classic OC Medical Team Member (Eugene, OR)
*2008                USATF Olympic Trials OC Medical Team Member

Since the Olympics in 2012, Holley added other sports related work is currently working with athletes in the NFL and NBA as well as continued work across the US and around the World with Track and Field athletes and for sports events and companies.  When she is not traveling on athlete medical support she spends her time with her son, exercising and enjoying the beautiful Northwest.  She loves being able to work with athletes of all levels here in the Portland area as well as those dedicated to health and wellness.

Massage/Bodywork Treatments

Massage appointments are goal oriented sessions, helping clients in reducing chronic and acute pain, muscle hypertonicity, facial adhesion/plane restrictions, muscle imbalances and irregular scar tissue formations. Holley uses different modalities of advanced body work. Her integrative sports massages include techniques ranging from myofascial release, trigger point, orthopedic, neuromuscular release, deep tissue, acupressure and many different stretching techniques ranging from PNF, Pin/Str, AIS, and Active and Passive stretching. These techniques in turn help provide clients with improved circulation, reduced pressure on the local pain proprioceptors and increased Range of Motion in effected joints. “I believe in working with the body’s own healing process, by facilitating the lymphatic system, the nervous system, creating a balance in the musculature and tissue and in essence helping to facilitate the body’s ability to create healing within itself.” – Holley J. DeShaw.

Whether you are training for an event, competing, dealing with a chronic or acute sports injury, striving to up your sports performance potential and decrease your injury potential, if you are coming off of a major training cycle or just wanting to bring your body to the ultimate level of health and wellness, then this just might be the place for you!

A Note From Holley

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, my goal is a LIFE-LONG professional career rich in compassion, with a dedication to health and well-being and the highest standards of practice. I strive not to be a “good” massage therapist, but an EXCELLENT one! I strive to uphold the highest level of care and treatment on a daily basis with each and every client I work with. My goal is and has always been to promote HEALTH and WELL-BEING one massage at a time.

Scheduling your Appointment

If you are looking to book an appointment or to schedule Holley at your next sporting event, please call 503.318.9683.