30-Day Challenge

Challenge yourself with our ongoing 30 Day Bikram Challenge by completing 30 classes in 30 days. Experience for yourself the amazing physical, mental and physiological benefits of a daily practice!

Challenge Guidelines

  • You may start the Challenge any day of the week throughout the year. It does not have to be at the beginning of a month. It just has to be when you are ready to commit!
  • Within the 30 days you will be able to take two doubles (2 classes in a day) should you miss a day. Therefore, you could miss 2 days but would have to make them up with a double some other day in order to reach the goal of 30 classes. No more than 2 doubles are permitted. Triples (3 classes in a day) are not allowed at Forge Hot Yoga.
  • It is helpful to identify a Challenge “buddy” to help support you throughout the Challenge period.
  • You will need to have a class card to participate. Unlimited passes such as the monthly, yearly or debit program make the most financial sense.
  • You are welcome to complete the Challenge more than once (however we will only reward an additional set of two free guest passes upon completion).
Rewards for Completion

  • One free week of yoga (7 consecutive days)
  • 2 guest passes to introduce two friends to Forge Hot Yoga | Happy Valley
  • Your name on the board at the studio
  • 30 Day Challenge T-Shirt*!

SIGN UP AT THE FRONT DESK OR BY PUTTING YOUR NAME ON THE BOARD! For questions, please see management.


*supplies/sizes may be limited during certain times of the year