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Our Alberta District studio location

Our yoga studio Alberta District studio is located at:

1301 NE Alberta St.
Portland, OR 97211


Phone Number: (503) 303-1466

Booking window for In-Person classes begins 5 days prior (subject to chage)  ie. if you want to book for Saturday classes, booking opens at 12:01am Monday
Our most recent studio addition in the heart of the Alberta Arts District is conveniently located at the corner of NE Alberta St & 13th in Portland Oregon on the world famous Alberta Street. 

Our Alberta District amenities include:

  • 1500 s/f Hot Yoga room
  • showers in the ladies changing room (closed at this time 2/5/2021)
  • showers in the men’s changing room (closed at this time 2/5/2021)
  • lockers & cubbies for your bags and other belongings
  • hair dryers
  • shampoo, conditioner, body wash
  • ample counter space for getting ready
  • mat/towel service for our premium members
  • water and beverages
  • retail clothing, mats, towels, water bottles, hydration products and more