Maximize Your Time @ Forge

How to get the MOST out of all that FORGE has to offer

  • Hydrate
    • Hydration happens yesterday. Make sure you are supplying your bod with the essentials like calcium, magnesium and sodium when you sweat heavily. You need water but sometimes in this hot yoga life you need some extras, too. Talk to us about which options make sense for you. Do you feel tired after class? That may be normal when you first start any new exercise regimen. However, skip coffee, do water first (maybe also electrolytes). Then yoga… Then anything is possible!
  • Try the variety
    • Each one of our classes offers you an intelligent way to move, sweat, stretch and strengthen.
    • Bikram Hot Yoga class can deliver the therapy needed to recover and heal from life’s wear & tear and from life’s accidents and having too much fun. With mobility in mind, you’ll develop strength where you need it and stretch where you don’t have it. Its the perfect combo to heal, transform & enhance yourself.
    • Inferno Hot Pilates (HIIT) will ensure you “lean out” and have the power you need to get through any challenge- whether in a yoga class or climbing those mountains! This mindful and very effective workout is low-impact and burns through those extra fun morsels we indulged in recently. Cardio and core are the main focus, along with the sweat inducing, muscle building sequences you’ll gain more than you think while losing the rest. Definitely transforming, from the inside out.
    • Hot Vinyasa Flow will get you moving with your breath while you find peace in the rhythm of the poses. This yoga class incorporates upper body and lower body postures to give you balance, strength, grace & power. It’s a fun blend of what you know from Bikram & Hot Pilates with a zest of Yin & conditioning. Your sweat will roll while you rock your Vinyasa. You’ll feel the enhancement right away.
    • Yin Yoga will give you the deep stretch you crave while you drift into the land of opening your hips. Not only will you get to the hard to reach places in your joints and tissues, but the more you relax the deeper you go. In fact, this class is NOT about working or engaging your muscles the way we are used to. You’ll feel that deep stretch work into your connective tissue but with minimal effort and maximum benefits.