• Beginners always welcome, at all classes, at ALL studios.
  • Age 16 & up for Bikram Hot Yoga Classes. Under 18 need waiver signed by parents. Yin Yoga welcomes everyone of all ages.
  • The studios will open 30 minutes before each class start time.
  • Beginners should arrive 15-30 minutes before class starts on their first visit.
  • Come to any class, anytime. RESERVATIONS ARE NOT REQUIRED.
  • Classes start promptly. Please be ready at least 5 minutes prior to class start time. Late arrivals may/may not be permitted. Thank you for understanding.
  • All memberships good at ALL LOCATIONS.
  • SCHEDULE NOTIFICATIONS – temporarily added classes
    • Alberta District/ Thursday 9am – FREE for APRIL/ Inferno Hot Pilates
    • Alberta District/Sundays 12pm/ Inferno Hot Pilates
    • Happy Valley/ Thursdays 6am / Inferno Hot Pilates
    • Happy Valley/ Sundays 7am / Inferno Hot Pilates
    • Happy Valley/Sundays 6pm / YIN YOGA
  • Sunday 4/29/18 Inferno Hot Pilates (HIIT) @12pm @ Alberta District Cancelled due to Yoga Workshop // Register for Workshop Here
  • Sunday 4/29/18 Yin Yoga Classes @ 6pm& 6:30pm @ Happy Valley & West Linn Cancelled due to Yin 96 Workshop w/ Ida Ripley // Register for Yin Workshop Here // Workshop Sunday 6:30pm @ West Linn

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Alberta District Schedule

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Happy Valley Schedule

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Need childcare while you are in yoga at Happy Valley?

Check out WeVillage drop-in daycare. Special rates for FHY members. Inquire at WeVillage Happy Valley. Located right across from FHY!

West Linn Schedule

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Events Schedule